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Did You Really Recover From That Cold or Flu?

March 20, 2016

I have recently been seeing patients with suffering from symptoms apparently unrelated to colds or the flu, such as irregular menses. Sometimes, treating such conditions with acupuncture or herbs will trigger sneezing, a runny nose, or other signs of cold or flu. In traditional Chinese medicine, this is called “internal evil coming out to the exterior.”

These patients had colds or the flu before, but the wind, cold and other pathogens have not been completely expelled. Therefore, acupuncture or herbs energize the immune system, which tries again to expel the pathogens.

Please do not ignore minor cold or flu symptoms. An old saying of Chinese medicine says, “Hundreds of ailments may begin from exposure to wind.” The wind has the power to carry other pathogens that invade your body, such as cold. Many bodily imbalances and disharmonies originate from such failure to recover from a cold or flu. This is known as “unrecovered cold and flu.”

Besides gynecologic problems, I also have been treating other problems, such as sleeping disorders, join pain, etc., often the result of treating cold- and flu-originated pneumonia and other infections using antibiotics. Antibiotic damage the yang functional energy.

Some people after antibiotic treatment may feel that some of their body functions have not recovered properly and may even experience some symptoms.

If that is the case, soft therapies such as lifestyle and diet adjustments, nutritional therapy or exercise usually won’t be able effectively to change organ functions. In my previous article, I have already mentioned that for those patients who have more serious energy blockages, organ functional energy deficiencies and yin/yang imbalances, nutritional supplements may not be absorbed properly. Then a purely nutritional approach will not be helpful.

In this kind of situation, acupuncture and especially herbs used in the context of classical Chinese medicine are able to unlock and initiate organ function again. After the normal body functions have been restored, other therapies will become effective again. As to what herbs are used for this purpose, those are selected for the patient’s individual needs based on the acupuncture meridians and organ functions that require treatment.

If you suspect that some of your physical problems may be caused by so-called “unrecovered cold or flu,” talk with a classically-trained, experienced practitioner of Chinese medicine to help adjust your body function and return to normal.

Written by Sophia Tang

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